hi friends my name is elias. i'm a 19 year old iraqi genderfucked idiot. i speak very bad arabic and very decent english. i use they/them pronouns only. i like men in a gay way. i don't like gendered terms if we aren't close. i'm an aries (03.31) and i take pride in that. aleks is my boyfriend and he makes me act like a mental hospital escapee. rea is my bestie and i don't stfu about them.

i like a3!, ai:tsf, deresute, enstars (sorry), gbf, mhyk, the caligula effect, tkrb, touhou, twst, yumekuro, vazzrock, and a bunch of other shit. my main interests are whatever i'm tweeting the most about at that point in time. my fave musicians are kenshi yonezu: be warned that i'm crazy about him. he made my favourite album (yankee) and song (umi to sanshouuo) of all time. i've been a casual fan since 2014 and became more dedicated (crazy) from 2017 onward. i feel similarly towards bastille. i know their entire discography by heart. ask me about my 3 page thesis on why doom days was a flop. i also like tophamhat-kyo, marina, and jon bellion. i listen to other shit as well but those are my big kahunas. follow me on last.fm if you like music.

dfi if you're a bigot yadda yadda yadda. do not breathe in my general direction if you're a proshipper/pro-fiction/describe yourself as "problematic"/whatever. gtfo if you support zionism. and feel free to ask me about this privately but don't interact with me if you associate with carter @armatizewater and/or kyle @aviankin.